Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Recess Card - Happy Birthday Lexie

Loving these 'recess card'. I saw a tutorial on You Tube and decided to give it a go. They're really not that complicated and I love how they look. Not sure how well they'd fair in the post though(!)
This card is for my crafty friend Lexie. I've scheduled this post so right about now I should be in a Chinese restaurant with Lexie and Co celebrating! "Happy Birthday Lex!"
Side view so you can see the 'recess' a bit better.
Because of how the card is made it doesn't leave you with any choice but to decorate the inside to cover up the 'workings' of the recess.
Let me know if you want me to post a link to the You Tube video I watched so you can have a go to :-)
Sarah xx


alina said...

Hi Sarah, I just love your style, your cards are so beautifully coloured!

Thank you for stopping by and your nice comment!
About my sketches, they are mine! First of all, I need the dimensions of the image which I will use and then I decide if I would like to use four or five layers; I've cut pieces of cardstock in different dimensions, starting with 12/6cm, 12/7cm, 12/8cm.....12/15cm, then 13/6cm, 13/7cm, ......13/15cm, also 12,5/6,5cm, 12,5/7,5cm.....12,5/14,5cm etc and I use them all the time.(Sometimes a half centimeter is just too much or too less for a very nice sketch). So first I use these pieces, together with the image, without glueing anything and when I am satisfied I cut the design papers, because like this I can obtain a beautiful sketch, without wasting the design papers!
I hope you understand what I mean and otherwise, please ask!
Good luck!
Hugs, Alina

Classy Stampin' said...

This is a gorgeous image Sarah.

pickle said...

Oh wow this is stunning. Love the contrast of the pretty paper on the dark card and the recess is fab.
Kerry x